Sunday, February 16, 2014


Welcome to the Affinity Game!

To begin playing this game you must complete 2 tasks
1. Email Mrs. Keller at from your gmail account.  In this letter you must let me know you are interested in playing.
2. Comment on one either the Number Crunching Blog or Wonderful Writing Blog

Once you have completed these 2 tasks see Mrs. Keller to create your avatar.  Each space on the board will hold a new challenge to complete.  Watch out for Bugs that might slow you down and be prepared for detours that will have you collaborating with others.

The first 5 spaces are required to continue the game.  When you have completed the first 5 spaces you will be able to spin the wheel to begin your journey to the cloud and become a Techmaster.  (The first 5 tasks are VERY easy, they will train you how to play the game and how to share your work!) When you have landed on a new space find the Challenge Number.  To access each Challenge you must gain the secret code from Mrs. Keller.  When you have completed a challenge follow the directions listed on that challenge page.

Have questions? Ask Mrs. Keller!

Enjoy the World of Adventure!